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Rent a car in Lisbon and return in Porto

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Oporto Car Rental
Oporto Car Rental

Benefits of renting your car with us

Ready to travel?

When you book with Oporto Car Rental, we detail all the information of your rate, so you don´t have surprises on your trip.

Free cancellation
and no change fee

You can cancel or even change your reservation within a period of up to 24 hours, without any costs or fees, it's totally free!

Pay by Credit or
Debit Card

When booking your car with Oporto Car Rental, you knew that you can pay for your reservation with a Credit or Debit Card.


When renting your car with Oporto Car Rental, we offer you several insurance packages with reduction excess or even zero excess, all rates include all mandatory insurance as a base, so that your trip is much smoother.

Rent a Car Service - One Way Lisbon > Porto

Rent your car in Lisbon and return it in Porto

If you are planning a trip to Portugal and need to rent a car with pick-up in the city of Lisbon and return in the city of Porto, Oporto Car Rental offers a one-way "One Way" service, which makes it easy to travel from one city to the other, in a simple way and with an all-inclusive price, so there are no surprises.

And for you to have the best price and zero worries

We recommend that you book your car well in advance so that you always have the lowest price. In order to remain flexible, in all reservations made at Oporto Car Rental, you benefit from Free Cancellation and without any cost up to 48 hours before the rental pick-up date. You can also pay with a debit or credit card when booking on our website, without any type of card fee.